Moratorium on the Dams?!

The Chief Minister of Sarawak has declared a moratorium on mega-dams! This is a HUGE VICTORY for the communities on the ground who have been working tirelessly for years to save their communities and their livelihoods from unnecessary mega-development!

Just a few years ago top level government officials wouldn’t have even entertained the idea of meeting with grassroots activists, but several months ago Chief Minister Adenan met with community representatives and a group of researchers from UC Berkeley to discuss energy development options for Sarawak. He has asked for an alternative proposal to the dams.

Chief Minister Adenan is taking a huge step by acknowledging the voices of the people, but we need to make sure that this step is followed by action. 

News of the moratorium is being met with cautious optimism on the ground. According to Peter Kallang, chairman of SAVE Rivers, there is still a “a great sense of anxiety” because the land gazetted for construction of the Baram Dam has not been legally returned to its communities and logging continues.

Now it’s time to maintain momentum to ensure the moratorium is permanent and the land is returned to communities who have managed the forests for generations. Read more details in Mongabay.